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EMS Student Guideline - Kuala Lumpur City Tour

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It has been said that ‘To Know Malaysia is To Love Malaysia.’ Those who have visited it and have come to know it well, will agree no doubt, that this South-East Asian country of 28 million has more to offer than meets the eye. Home to a multi-ethnic population of Malays, Chinese and Indians, who have long mastered the art of harmonious living, Malaysia is an amazing place of adventure and calm, where the bustling cultural diversity is enjoyed by all in the spirit of peace and unity.

Indeed to know Malaysia is to marvel at its multi-faceted lifestyles and the all-round hospitality and warmth of its people. But that’s not all – there is more diversity to be enjoyed from both its built and natural environment. Malaysia is a land of contrast, characterised by super-modern skyscrapers and luxurious shopping malls and beautifully landscaped by tropical rainforests, rugged mountains, exotic islands and their ancient reefs.

But your adventure does not stop there, as you will immediately discover how much Malaysians take delight and pride in their food. There is more diversity to be enjoyed from the food courts, street stalls and local and international restaurants around the country. Every day and everywhere, heritage dishes meet modern gastronomy, street food meets fine dining, slow cooking meets fast food as culinary cultures converge and turn an eating experience into one big adventure for tourists and locals alike!

Top attractions near EMS:

- The Petronas Twin Towers - an iconic landmark and stands at 88 storeys high and joined by a double-decker Sky Bridge that offers an exhilarating view of KL city centre and beyond.
- Suria KLCC Shopping Mall – great shopping venue hosting a cinema, two food courts, an art gallery, restaurants, concert hall, and the popular Aquaria KLCC.
- KLCC Park – a massive park with water fountains, jogging tracts and walking paths which is perfect for recreational activities and relaxation.
- Menara KL Tower - the tower stands at 421 metres and gives a splendid view of the KL city.

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