Marketing Video: How other companies use them effectively

by roditengosmanteng on July 7, 2017, 11:26 am

At RTV CREATIONS, we offer a comprehensive B2B and B2C marketing video & DVD production service designed to beat the competition and dominate your business sector.

Here’s some tips for you:

Analysing customer need & customer expectation: We're marketers with the skills to research your customer niches and interpret them so that the message you deliver is credible, persuasive and deal-winning. We provide a lot more than simple video-making.

Defining when and where your video will be used: Your marketing video needs in-built adaptability so it can deliver your message at every possible way. This can include conferences, exhibitions, seminars, webinars, sales meetings, major presentations, in-store demos, direct mailings, email, online enquiry points, flash sticks, cd business cards, and so on.

Determining the best creative approach: We deliver choice from the many video styles available to today's corporate marketer. Our extensive B2B and B2C experience means we're not restricted to a single “video” style.

We can offer you an unbiased creative approach, helping you decide whether you want:

  • a cast of actors in a customer sales drama
  • a hi-tech animated caption video complete with a custom music score
  • a talking head customer testimonial
  • a TV personality or celebrity-led marketing promotion
  • an absorbing edu-taining documentary or
  • A 3D animated/compositing-led production

You choose. Creatively, we can deliver the marketing video what works best for your marketplace.

Determining the optimal runtime for your audience: Less is always more. Our customers are always impressed at how our videos manage to persuade in less time than they thought possible.

Organising your budget for best value: We respect your money. We've got the experience to know when to spend for more value, and when to hold back because the extra expense isn't worth it.

Working with your team: We consistently deliver brilliant scripts. It's our job. This is crucial as the script is the engine that powers your video. To ensure this, we involve the right people to deliver the most effective input into your script. We're also very good at pulling together different points of view. This particularly applies on corporate projects where different Directors may have different visions of the organisation. Importantly, we bring out the best in you, helping unlock the perfect script from inside your mind. Last but not least, our scripting process is not only effective, it's enjoyable too.

Documenting all plans, storyboards, schedules and approvals so your production comes in to-time and to-budget: We document thoroughly. It's the only way to be sure no one gets confused, or misses out a key element, deadline or detail. Marketing video productions are frequently complex, and can involve an A- Z of activities. Professional documentation at every level of your production is the only way to ensure your marketing video is delivered to-time and to-budget.

This is how we respect your money:
- Shooting with top camera operators and directors, from Full HD video resolution up to 4K video.
- Meticulously editing your footage to produce a compelling visual story: We start by grading and sifting every second of your raw video footage, identifying the best shots for each scene and segment.
- Using music and soundtrack to win your audiences' hearts: Music forms the heart of your marketing video. This because great music will win your audience's hearts for you, leaving the words and visuals free to win their minds.
- Animating graphics for instant communication of ideas & concepts: No marketing video today is complete without some form of animated graphics, whether in titling, captioning, presenting figures and data or creating custom animated icon to help clients visualise their intentions.

We deliver on all media from DVD to webstream. Having experience with many of the major banks, retailers, financials, constructors, industrials, local and government authorities, we bring award-winning marketing know-how to your table. Our marketing video production services offer your a comprehensive and creative approach to dominating in your business sector.

Contact us and see how much value we add to your marketing budget.

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